Snout Scout is a professional dog photographer that
finds the best dogs!
I created this business because I believe one of the most important things you need to have
is a beautiful photo of your dog.
But most people don't make the time ... or they keep waiting for "the right time" to make an appointment with a professional photographer. Well, guess what? Dogs lives are short and time flies—I will find you and we'll get it done! Another thing, most people have lots of decent photos of their dogs, but very few photos with their dogs.
One of my goals is to get a photo that you will love of you
with your dog!
You'll swoon every single day.
I believe there is incredible value in printing photographs and displaying them as art. When I do a photoshoot with you and your dog, I’m not just snapping random photos, I’m creating deliberate works of art featuring what you love most,
and what makes you smile.

That’s exactly why I specialize in premium artwork; large wall art, and custom "beachy" framing { I collaborate with another local small business }, as well as stunning modern metal prints, and premium desk products. You aren’t just walking away with photos of your pet on a memory stick that’ll be tossed in a desk drawer, or digitals that will stay on your computer until you recycle it at Best Buy in three years—no, no no—you’re gifting yourself artwork of your companion for your home that will make you swoon every single day.
And you've saved money! You didn't even have to pay a sitting fee.

Full sessions with gallery of 35-40 photos start at $200.
To schedule, please contact Woof Creative Photography!

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